Awakening the Spirit of Creative Collaboration

Writings on Dynamic Facilitation

by Rosa Zubizarreta

Print and On-line Materials by Rosa Zubizarreta


Participatory Public Policy Microcosms (2015)published in Spanda Journal, 2015, I:2, 9-17.

Co-Creative Dialogue for Meeting Practical Challenges (2013). published in OD Practitioner, 45:1, 47-53.

Deepening Democracy: Awakening the Spirit of Our Shared Life Together (2003). Commissioned by the Collective Wisdom Initiative, a project of the Fetzer Institute. (That site is sometimes unavailable, so the link here is courtesy of The Wayback Machine.)

Book Chapter:

Practical Dialogue: Emergent Approaches for Effective Collaboration (2006). In Creating a Culture of Collaboration, edited by Sandor Schuman, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass / Wiley.


From Conflict to Creative Collaboration: A user's guide to Dynamic Facilitation (2014). by Rosa Zubizarreta. Minneapolis: Two Harbors Press.

This book grew out of the manual that I first wrote in 2002, then continued to revise and expand several times over the years.

Dynamic Facilitation: Die erfolgreiche Moderationsmethode für schwierige und verfahrene Situationen (2014). Co-edited by Matthias zur Bonsen and Rosa Zubizarreta, and published by Beltz Verlag.

This version in German includes four additional chapters written by European practitioners, in addition to the translation of the original "User's Guide" above. The English translations of three of those additional chapters are available here.

Additional writings


Listening for Aliveness.  This article is a favorite of some of my clients and colleagues, as it has quotes from interviews with various practitioners of Dynamic Facilitation. (It's a much shorter excerpt from the master's research project that I conducted in 2002, which is included below.)

Puzzlements and Re-framings. Another article I extracted from the master's project below. This one is focused more on the theoretical implications of the practice of Dynamic Facilitation.

Empathy in Collaborative Meaning-Making.  My friend Edwin Rutsch, creator of cultureofempathy.com, has encouraged me to write more explicitly about the role of empathy in Dynamic Facilitation.

Master's Project

Dynamic Facilitation: An exploration of Deliberative Democracy, Organization Development, and Educational Theory as Tools for Social Change. This is my master's project from 2002, at Sonoma State University.

Writings on Dynamic Facilitation by other authors

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