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An Expanding Universe of Dialogic Practices...

Open Space Technology... Circle Practice... World Cafe... Future Search... Art of Hosting...  Appreciative Inquiry... Restorative Circles... and more. I am deeply grateful for the various dialogic methods and approaches that have shaped my work.

And, since 2000, I've been learning, teaching, and writing about another valuable member of this growing family:

Dynamic Facilitation

This creative approach to hosting powerful conversations, originally developed by consultant Jim Rough, is particularly appropriate for finding a shared way forward in the face of complex, polarizing, or "impossible-to-solve" challenges. Outcomes tend to be marked by notable group energy and commitment.

In the business world, Dynamic Facilitation can be especially helpful when working with boards, management teams, cross-functional teams, and across silos. Here's an article in OD Practitioner that shows a few of those applications.

Dynamic Facilitation is also key ingredient in the Wisdom Council format, which supports organization-wide learning by surfacing "corporate elephants" in a constructive and engaging manner.

This 6-min video by Franziska Espinoza shows German consultant Matthias zur Bonsen facilitating a Wisdom Council process at Swisscom. Matthias teaches Dynamic Facilitation in Germany, and here's a chapter he wrote about this approach to supporting organizational learning.

In the civic realm: Dynamic Facilitation and the World Cafe are both part of a new model for public participation developed in Austria. Growing out of the Wisdom Council format, it's now known as Civic Council model, and has been used since 2005 to facilitate highly effective participatory public policy processes.

The Civic Council Process

Click on the photo above to see a brief overview video about an award-winning Civic Council in Vorarlberg, Austria. This particular Council was convened to address the challenging issue of the growing influx of refugees. Video by Martin Rausch

Learn more about how this approach to participatory democracy is being used in Europe.

My writings on Dynamic Facilitation:
A compilation of my work in this area.

Writings by other authors on Dynamic Facilitation

Heart-Centered Listening is a term I've been using to describe all of the many streams that inform my own thinking and my practice.

And, last but not least...

Additional resources for supporting co-intelligence and co-creativity --  cool links to the Co-Intelligence Institute, Fetzer's Collective Wisdom Initiative, Dr. Saul Eisen's work, and more.

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