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Heart-Centered Listening:

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Heart-Centered Listening

While Dynamic Facilitation has been, and continues to be, a significant part of my practice,  teaching, writing, and research, my own work continues to evolve. And so I've been exploring new terms, including Dynamic Inquiry, Empathic Inquiry, and Heart-Centered Listening, as ways to describe my own work.

Part of my intention is to acknowledge the various mentors and teachers who have significantly influenced my practice, in addition to Jim and Jean Rough.

Some of what I already brought with me when I first encountered Dynamic Facilitation, includes

Paulo Freire's work on Dialogic Education and Alma Flor Ada's work on Transformative Education, inspired by Paulo Freire; and also,

Eugene Gendlin and Mary Hendricks Gendlin's work on Focusing and Experiential Listening.

Both of these traditions continue to influence my work with Dynamic Facilitation, as does:

Saul Eisen's work on Action Research, Participatory Process Redesign, and Organization Development as a way to support the emergence of sane and effective organizations.

I have also been influenced by Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin's work on Inner Relationship Focusing, Dick Schwarz's work on Internal Family Systems, Marshall Rosenberg's work in Non-Violent Communication, Jeff Conklin's work on Dialogue Mapping, Edwin Rutsch's work on Empathy Circles, Dominic Barter's work on Restorative Circles, Nancy Kline's books on the Thinking Environment, and many others.

On this Dynamic Inquiry page, I've begun to compile a few writings about how some of these teachers have influenced my thinking and my practice.

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