Awakening the Spirit of Creative Collaboration

Additional Resources

for Co-Intelligence and Co-Creativity

Co-Intelligence Institute

Tom Atlee is the founder of the Co-Intelligence Institute, and author of The Tao of Democracy. The Institute's extensive website includes a wealth of essays, resources, stories, and links on how co-intelligence can be developed throughout our culture.

In collaboration with Martin Rausch, Tom's newest project is the inspiring Wise Democracy Pattern Language, which includes a downloadable set of WDPL cards with beautiful images.

Collective Wisdom Initiative

The Collective Wisdom Initiative, a project of the Fetzer Foundation, was designed to catalyze the "building of the discipline of collective wisdom, its study and practice". Part of their project culminated in an insightful and classic book called The Power of Collective Wisdom and the trap of collective folly.

Deepening Democracy: Awakening the Spirit of Our Shared Life Together is a "seed paper" that was commissioned by Collective Wisdom Initiative, on collective wisdom projects in the public sphere. The contents were inspired by my collaboration with Tom on "The Tao of Democracy" (above).

Dialogue Mapping 

Dialogue Mapping is a high-tech cousin of Dynamic Facilitation. It's a software-assisted method for welcoming everything that is in the room, thus helping participants develop a holistic and systemic perspective, along with breatkthrough solutions. 

Here are a few additional description of it...one from PictureItSolved, a visual thinking website...  and another from the Groupaya wiki.  

Empathy Circles 

Here's a page with resources on this amazing community-building and skill-building practice...

Engaging Emergence

Peggy Holman's awesome book on the principles underlying the larger family of emergence-based approaches for evoking co-intelligence.

Faster than 20

Eugene Eric Kim's website and blog, on developing widespread collaborative literacy. 

Human and Global Systems Redesign

Dr. Eisen's inspiring paper on human and global systems redesign explores how we might apply our skills at facilitating human emergence and self-organization, at various system levels. And here's a tinyurl to it, to make it easier to share... http://tinyurl.com/EisenGlobalSys

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