Awakening the Spirit of Creative Collaboration


from clients and colleagues

In the hands of a skilled facilitator, Dynamic Facilitation is the most potent process I know for transmuting intractable conflicts into breakthrough insights, solutions and possibilities. Among DF facilitators, I consider Rosa Zubizarreta an experienced and grounded practitioner and a uniquely thoughtful trainer, theoretician and innovator. It is my privilege to give her work my highest recommendation.

Tom Atlee,

Founder of the Co-Intelligence Institute

Rosa was phenomenal! She coordinated public think tanks, volunteer sessions and community forums, while also listening closely to the committee's conversation and drawing out key points. Without her, I don’t think we could have pulled our work together as well as we did. 


Deborra Zukowski,

Member of the Fairfield Hills Master Plan Review Committee,

Newtown, Connecticut


Rosa's process as a facilitator is to make space for everyone to share their thoughts and be heard, and to encourage us to  "unpack" issues that seem to have some tension or energy behind them. It helped us clarify and talk directly about some of the key, creative tensions that are at play as we make decisions, both big and small, about our next steps as a business.


Some of the comments were hard to hear, and I know that they must have been hard to say, but it feels incredibly helpful that they are now out in the open where we can all engage with them directly. Not everything was hard--there were a lot of fun and encouraging ideas as well. The meetings helped me get a new sense of who we are and what we're capable of as a group.


Nadav Malin

President, BuildingGreen



Your facilitation of the Board and your pre and post notes and comments are nothing short of transformational. We had what I experienced as another quite satisfying meeting... I am so relieved with the new sense of a functional process, of making progress in a careful way, and of the accountability we are having to each other and to our members.


Joan Klagsburn, Ph.D




Rosa is enthusiastic, inclusive, and engaged - she had a genuine interest in us and our work. She cares about what's going on. Our people noticed this about her and trusted her immediately. We were all very satisfied with the experience.


Going into this as the leader, I figured I was going to be making all the decisions in the end anyway. But, by the end of it, I was confident in the decisions the group had come up with and they felt like the right ones to me! The employees felt heard in terms of the direction the company was heading, and they enjoyed the energy of it. The nature of the conversation allowed people to jump on board. It was very positive, and about 80-90% of what we came up with was implemented.


Eric Thoreson

President, ETA, Accounting Software Specialists



I got a great comment from one of my staff yesterday afternoon -- he stopped by my office and said, "Wow, this is a lot of fun!"  I think that the process you've led us through is really helping to empower our team.


Michael Parker

President, Clarity, Low Vision Products and Low Vision Aids


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