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Writings on Dynamic Facilitation

by other authors

On this page, I'll be continuing to curate general writings on Dynamic Facilitation by other authors. 

Writings specifically on DF as applied to Wisdom Councils and Civic Councils are on another page,

and my own writings are here.

If you have any additional resources you'd like me to include, please let me know!

"Supporting a Transformational Process with the Art of Dynamic Facilitation", by Veerle de Bock, is a highly nuanced description of Dynamic Facilitation in use, in the context of the management and staff of a nursing home. This chapter also describes how this methodology works in an integrated way with other approaches, including Theory U.

"Dynamic Facilitation -- A Method for Culture Change" by Rita Trattnigg and Thomas Haderlapp is an insightful exploration of what makes this facilitation approach so powerful. 

Tom Atlee, the person who first introduced me to Dynamic Facilitation, has a page on his co-intelligence website with links to various articles on this approach.

Jim Rough, the founder of this method, has a page on his Dynamic Facilitation Associates website with links to various books and articles on the subject.

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